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Restoration of Lola Montès (France, USA)

The Technicolor Foundation actively worked on the restoration of 1955 Max Ophuls’ masterpiece, "Lola Montès" which opened the Cannes Classics section on May 2008.

Since 2006, the Technicolor Foundation for Film & Television Heritage decided to actively support with the Cinemathèque française and Les Films du Jeudi (right owners) the restoration of Lola Montès, a movie which celebrates the creativity and the inventiveness of a director at the height of his art, Max Ophuls. In aim to re-discover the author’s original version, the Technicolor Foundation roped in its Paris-based team as well as the best experts from Technicolor Services in Los Angeles. 

The project of Lola Montès's objective was to restore its original editing, color and format; it was complex due to the reconstruction of its original editing which can only be recovered with digital technologies.

The Technicolor Foundation’s contribution on Lola Montès project meets its efforts to highlight original masterpieces in aim to convey the importance of the world wide film heritage preservation.

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The restored version of Lola Montès has been screened in Il Cinema Ritrovato Festival in Bologna (ltaly) and in Paris Cinema. Lola Montès was then shown in festivals in New York or Telluride (USA) and at the International Film Festival of India in Goa.

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